VEGAN World Day – November 1st, Mars Academy

Vegan World Day was celebrated at the Mars Academy in Encino, California on November 1, 2011. This wonderful event was organized by Andy Mars and it was a nice chance to gather with friends and also make new friends. For a $10 donation at the entrance, we could receive a great goodie bag which included, Good Medicine Magazine, Macrolife Bars, Eat-in-the-Raw Vegan Parmesan Cheese, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and more good stuff. I will talk about some of these wonderful products in future blogs. There was also a silent auction with tons of great stuff to win. I was lucky enough to win the auction for the DVD documentary « A Delicate Balance » which I thought was incredible. If you have not watched it, rent it or buy it as soon as you can. We also had a dance floor with a cool DJ but, somehow, people got shy and didn’t dance. Too bad, maybe next year. The patio was filled with great food vendors like Cool Cups Vegan Jello, Earth Cafe Raw Vegan Desserts, Nicobella Vegan Chocolate Truffles, Garden Wok Vegan Chinese Food, Rahel’s Vegan Ethiopan BBQ (which I recommend you visit on Fairfax avenue for incredible Ethopian vegan food), Southern Fried Vegan BBQ (my favorite of the evening), Veg It Up and more… If you wanted to have a good time, just sampling the food and see friends was totally worth it. Thank you Andy for organizing this and for you hard work. Please see the pictures of the evening. I included the program as well.

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