What is the Boot Camp about:
In order to deliver an effective message, Vegans have to, not only be educated about all the issues pertaining to Veganism and Animal Rights, but also develop an attitude of confidence and speech skills.


What you will learn:

– Why it is so hard to convince people to go Vegan and what you can do about it

– Discover the importance of language and how certain words are powerful while others are better avoided when talking to non-vegans.

– Expand your communication skills with practice exercises.

– Develop the right attitude to win them over by learning inner holistic skills.

– Learn how to avoid burnout as an activist by learning simple holistic and restorative methods.

– Q&A: Ask questions regarding issues you may have as Vegans. 

– Enjoy a wonderful Vegan (Organic and GMO Free) Dinner while you brainstorm and discuss what you have heard. Questions welcome and encouraged.

This meet up is about encouraging growth, support and better advocacy.