Animal rights backlash and a reason for hope

fightaetaAs the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act came into law, it became clear for a lot of animal activists out there, that fighting to save animals had now become a dangerous issue. Will Potter, in his excellent book Green is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege , talks about how dangerous this new law is for the movement and the public at large as a Civil Liberty issue.  However, the backlash that the movement has received in recent years is actually an excellent sign that things may change for the better.

As Melanie Joy explained, the “Humane Myth” is not so much bad news as it may be good news as it shows that the Vegan movement is garnishing more and more supporters and therefore the industry (with its sold out animal welfare cohorts aka the HSUS, PETA and others) is feeling threatened.

It is therefore VITAL that we continue to educate, enlighten people about the Carnistic ideology which keeps everyone (animals and humans) enslaved. It has never been a better time for Veganism to spread more as the number of Vegans has doubled in the US since 2009. Vegans still make up a tiny percentage of the US population but the growth is unprecedented. The number of Vegan products found in supermarkets has never been higher. The number of Vegan restaurants has grown exponentially over the last 5 years only and the Farmer’s markets are spreading all over the country as proofs that Americans are looking for a better alternative.

History shows that for every new movement to improve society, there is an equal and often stronger resistance to change and growth. You might say it is the universal law of good and evil, cause and effect, the opposite poles. However, to paraphrase Gandhi, injustice never lasts and is always replaced by a human leap towards a more inclusive world. Human slavery used to be considered normal, women’s submission and lack of rights also was considered normal. These inequalities still exist in parts of the world and have not disappeared but they are mostly considered unacceptable and mostly illegal by most of the world. One day, our treatment of animals will be regarded as being backward as well.

We have to realize this: As more and more compassionate people adopt a Vegan diet, more and more disconnected people will perpetuate cruelty to animals because they feel threatened in their Carnistic beliefs. This is temporary but inevitable. Injustice always reaches a peak until it crumbles and makes way for higher values. We have seen it all through history. The animal rights movement follows the same pattern. Suffragettes went to prison, African Americans died to be free. Animals are still dying by the billions but their plight is getting more and more exposed and denounced.

In my school, we listen to over 100 so-called dietary theories from the worst (Paleo) to the best (Barnard/Veganism). I was almost nauseous from just listening to Sally Fallon (of the Weston Price Foundation) describing the so-called “traditional” diets of our ancestors and how they supposedly apply to our modern time. This rhetoric is being pushed more and more as the Carnists are feeling more and more threatened by common sense. They bring up so called proofs of our ancestor’s dietary habits and ignore our biology as well as the fact that most of history has been written from one point of view (the male’s) and wrongly ignores the role of women as the provider of their families. The role of « man the hunter » is mostly a myth that has been exagerrated to propagate the supposed superiority of men over women for centuries in order to silence them. The more recent research from women (and men) shows a very different picture as Jim Mason’s book An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature and Each Other and anthopologist Frank Marlowe’s research demonstrate. Our ancestors were in fact at least 95% vegetarians like our closest relative the gorillas. The hair analysis that was done on the oldest man preserved in ice from millions of years ago reveals that his diet was vegan. Even Dr. John McDougall, in recent lectures and articles, has talked about the Vegan gladiators and the ancient Egyptians primary plant based diets (unlike the Egyptian royalty which ate like modern Americans and consequently suffered from the same chronic diseases of affluence).

As I was listening to Sally Fallon describing all sorts of disgusting “foods” (fish eyes?), I was reminded that the Nazis excused their experiments on the Jews with the same ideology which said the Jews were meant to be used and that it was normal.  Considering that the Weston Price Foundation (I feel sorry for Doctor Price’s good name) is heavily founded by the meat and dairy industry, she just uses myths about our ancestors to justify the meat and dairy industry book. There is nothing exceptional or remarquable about these mythologists. They just want to maintain the status quo, nothing else. John Robbins researched the longest lived populations on Earth for his book Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples. He talked about the work of Dr. Price, which has been hijacked by the meat and dairy industry. What his wonderful book proves is that the people who currently live the longest are the ones who live on Vegan or near Vegan diets and have strong community and family connections.


I believe in reincarnation. I also believe that some very un-evolved souls are now back in our time to push their agendas of de-evolution. There are also more evolved souls fighting back against it with their more evolved understanding of nature and our place (and the place of the animals) in the world. What is more evolved eventually will prevail because this is just the way evolution is. We have to move forward, not backward. These non-evolved souls are here to learn that they need to grow and they will not back down without imposing their brainwashing theories on the rest of us. They are currently the ones prevailing.

I see hope for the future because the more evolved souls are opening up to the truth and making the changes necessary for the human race and the animal kingdom to move on to the next level. There is no peace with war on our plates. There is no peace as long as we tolerate violence of any kind.

Let’s start by eliminating violence and death from our meals. Let’s keep planting seeds and educate the dark souls. They are unconsciously craving the truth and that truth scares them. Once we all get to the higher dimension, the world will release a deep breath and the Earth will stop protesting its human virus.

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