In the world of going Vegan, most of us know that the hardest thing to give up is dairy products. Some people have asked why this is so and the experts, like Dr. Neal Barnard, have written about dairy’s addictive casomorphins. Dairy is like crack, to put it simply. So if you are addicted to cheese, Vegan product makers have found a new reason to make you give it up for good.

I was at Viva La Vegan recently and purchased two absolutely wonderful Vegan cheese alternatives (Vegan cheese and Vegan Cilantro spread from Magestic Garlic) that I couldn‘t stop eating until it was gone. The Sheeze Garlic & Herb from Bute Island Foods in particular totally reminded me of the cow’s milk version.

Milk is such a poisonous substance that eating it has no more logic than if a Calf was drinking horse milk. Humans, in their absurd logic, will rationalize any silly habits they can think off. Dairy products have been in the human diet for about 10,000 years only (it’s a drop since we have been around a lot longer) and could only make sense in dire scarcity or if there was abolutely 100% no other choice.

Someone put the question recently and it was briliantly turned on its head by Pr. Gary Francione. If you were on a desert island with only a cow to eat, would you eat it? Answer: Obviously if a cow can survive there, there are plants to live on, so it’s irrelevant. So whenever, a habitual omnivore (we are herbivores after all) tries to trick me into saying that I need to stuff myself with animal flesh or their excretions, I think about the above.

As Vegans, things have never been easier. There are so many alternatives to our old (bad) favorites, there is simply no excuse to still exploit animals for their bodies. So check out these two fabulous products below, you won‘t regret it. The more we ask for these products, the more available they will become. I can‘t wait to go back to Viva La Vegan or order online and get them.

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