PRIMARY INVERSION – Book 1 in the saga of the Skolian Empire by CATHERINE ASARO

In this exciting beginning best seller, Catherine Asaro takes us to the Skolian world through the eyes of one of its children, Sozcony (Soz) Valdoria, Primary Jaggernaut and Rhon Psion.

First understand what a Jaggernaut is. It is a telepath/empath with technological « gadgets » throughout his body which allows her/him to become one with his ship. Jaggernauts are the cream of the military in the Skolian Imperialate and Soz is at the highest level being also the half-sister of the Imperator (like an emperor).

I got so excited reading this book that this is my second reading of it. I loved the universe right away and its characters fascinated me. I found it easy to get into the book and follow Sozcony’s story and discover, not only the Skolian world, but also the Traders and Allieds Worlds. Each culture is well defined and fascinating. The Traders, or Eubians, are particularly designed to be the perfect arch-nemesis (very important in the book and its following sequels). Aristos (or the Eubian aristocracy) are the anti-empaths. Their minds are designed to perceive pain from others, which is transmitted to them as pleasure. They call it « transcending ». They enslave Psions to make them their Providers (sexual/empath slaves) and the others (non-telepaths) become Taskmakers (also owned by them). They own billions of people. No empath/telepath can stand their presence. Their minds « suck » the minds of empaths/telepaths and they torture for pleasure.

So when Soz meets one of them, an Aristo (they own everybody else), her first reaction is to destroy him until she realizes this one is different. What happens between her and Jaibriol will change the course of history on three civilizations. But I leave you to discover that for yourself (wink!).

I read this book in only a few days, what you would call a pager turner. I immediately jumped on the sequels (9 so far!) and there is a new book coming out now. This is the best sci-fi series I’ve read in years! Highly recommended. By the way, if you like a bit or romance, there’s plenty of soap opera situations (but nothing stupid or mushy).


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THE HOBBIT or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien

We all heard the fuss made by the three movies in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and I will bet a lot of people have never read the books, although a majority of hard-core fantasy lovers will no doubt have.

I love fantasy… but, shame on me, I had never took the time to undertake the Tolkien canon. However, thank you Peter Jackson, you gave me the kick I needed to buy into the Tolkien franchise. And what better way to start reading it than with The Hobbit, prequel of a sort to The Fellowship of the Ring.

Bilbo is the hero of the story. He gets embarked by a group of dwarves seemingly led by Gandalf! into the adventure of his lifetime. Even though he was reluctant to follow their goal, part of him started to like the adventure. In the end, he saves the day just as Gandalf knew he would (good old wise Gandalf as usual!).

I don’t want to spoil the story for those who, incredibly, might not know about it. However, I have greatly embraced this prequel to the big LoTR thing and I particularly enjoyed Tolkien’s talent of storytelling from a first person point of view. What a good way to make us loose ourselves into the story. The Hobbit is not just an adventure for Bilbo, it is also clear in there that the future events of LoTR are approaching. What is most interesting to me, having loved the movies, is how I can already picture the Bilbo of the future story as he is described in this one adventure. The Hobbits are detailed superbly as well as dwarves, Gandalf and… Elrond even makes his first appearance. I also love Tolkien’s sense of humor in some situations. This book is a true classic of the genre.

I am sorry if the purists out there get too many references to the movie canon but, hey, if it had not been for it, I might have passed Tolkien’s talent.

I eagerly want to start the Fellowship of the Ring as I can’t wait for descriptions of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn and Legolas.


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CASE MJ12: The True Story behind the government's UFO Conspiracies by Kevin D. Randle

This interesting analysis explores the myth surrounding the infamous MJ12 documents which, if genuine, would prove the existence of a secret commitee formed to cover the existence of extraterrestrial beings and the famous crash at Roswell.

Although Kevin Randle does a good job at analysing the « errors » in the documents, his belief in witnesse’s testimonies surrounding the Roswell incident is a little bit naive. He tends to give them too much credit and doesn’t pay enough attention to the fact that people often seek publicity or tend to distort or exaggerate facts. However, his dissectation of the MJ12 documents and other so-called « government » documents is excellent and really puts to the test the beliefs of some UFO researchers concerning the validity of these documents and their contents. Kevin Randle is very good at pinpointing the various discrepancies existing in those documents.

I highly recommend this book for its excellent analytical quality and for those eager to know more about MJ12.

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What would you do if you found out your partner was a psychopath and a serial killer? This is the drama Nicole Lancaster thinks she is facing with her husband of 10 months Malcomb. She is the daughter of a well-respected deceased senator who got charmed into marriage by the handsome, clean Dr. Lancaster. However, when murders of women are being reported and she gets an anonymous phone call, doubts and fear begin to creep into her mind that her so perfect husband might not be what he claims to be. She then turns to her old (and never forgotten of course) love in the person of cop Dallas Mitchell.

The story was thrilling and suspenseful. I had, however, to cringe at the number of macabre details about the murders. This romance novel was definitely darker than the usual.

Don’t read it alone at home if you’re a bit sensitive. Otherwise, even though the murder solution was obvious, what happens to Nicole is really where the suspense is.

Good story!


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Over the years, I have read a number of books supposedly spiritual or metaphysical. Some were decent while others, in my opinion, were bullshit.

The Children of The Law of One is the first intelligent and truthful book about God I have read in years.

What makes it different? Well, for one thing, it doesn’t try to please the ego, it tries to make it surrender. We are supposed to be One with the divine and our Selfish separate self must give up. This is the main message of the book. I totally agree with it. The author, who is a monk himself, goes further in retelling the teachings taught by his order and his master. It is a fascinating account of his evolution in a Tibetan monastery. His learning is far from easy as his ego is constantly denounced by his master. It takes him a while in order to finally give up and surrender to the Superior Self.

But this book is not only about the teachings of the Children, it’s also about the Earth changes and the prophecies regarding the future of mankind. It’s not pretty but it is a necessary evil.

I highly recommend this book if you are searching for the truth of being.


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In this incredibly epic story, Dan Simmons explores the world of Hyperion through the eyes of several pilgrims set on finding the Shrike, a killing creature worshiped by fanatics on thousand of worlds.

Instead of going directly into explanations about what is that Shrike creature, the author cleverly takes us into his imaginative world by allowing each character to tell his story. From a catholic priest to a drunk poet, each of them has a valid reason to search the Shrike and, in some case, to destroy it.

This is an incredible journey the author takes us to and the sequel « The Fall of Hyperion » should prove to be as entertaining. The writing is rich and imaginative, the characters interesting and the mysteries surrounding Hyperion compelling.

I can’t wait to read the sequel.


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SIGNS OF THE TIMES – Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events – by Ray Grasse

I have started reading this book out of curiosity being interested in the subject of the Aquarian Age. I was pleasantly surprised by the reach insight the author provides in understanding the « new age » and its implications. Ray Grasse uses a lot symbols taken either from the real world (like giving an astrological profile of world figures) or fictional like movies.

Each chapter is filled with information explaining the difference between the current age and the next. Ray Grasse has done a wonderful job of taking historical events, movies, scientific facts, disasters, etc… in order to explain their symbolism and meaning in regards to their timing.

I was never very fascinated by astrology but I found myself hooked to this book and its relevance for our time. Therefore, I will highly recommend it and put it on my list of recent favorites.


sign of times


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In this amazing story, James Redfield takes the reader to a journey through the wonders of Peru in search of a spiritual manuscript left behind by the Mayans.

This is not a true story but, turning page after page of this book, it felt real enough for me to take it seriously. From one insight to the next, we learn about the energy around and in us. What makes this story interesting is the inherent poetry to this journey the main character is undertaking. At each step, his understanding of the divine and human nature takes a leap forward and I found this aspect very refreshing.

I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the adventure in itself. Nothing about his encounter with the Peruvian soldiers or the priests really fascinated me. On the other hand, the difficulties the hero stumbles on makes his search for the truth all the more interesting. By the end of the story, I was so captivated by the « revelations » regarding mankind’s future that I was hoping to read the sequel.

The most becoming moments of the book are indeed the Insights given to the different protagonist in their understanding of evolution. They learn to recognize what the author calls the psychological dramas that each of them (and us) have programmed in themselves since childhood. They learn to recognize how to let go of these dramas in order to reach a superior energy level. This is the way, the characters tell us, we can learn to see beauty in nature and feed ourselves with the divine energy inherent in the trees, plants, etc…

The most appealing aspect to me was the explanation given as how we feed on others’ energies like vampires in order to survive and how the goal is to stop this particular psychological drama and learn to connect to the superior energy source. This part, in my opinion, is what makes the book well worth reading for anyone interested in the invisible forces surrounding us.



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BLOOD OF THE FOLD – A Sword of Truth Novel by Terry Goodkind.

This book is volume 3 of the Sword of Truth Series. If you haven’t read the previous volumes. skip this review as it contains spoilers.

Richard has survived the legacy of his evil father Darken Rahl and became the new Lord Rahl. He survived Kahlan’s Confessor Magic and is now able to love her. He survived the « collar » put on him by the Sisters of the Light and the separation from his beloved Kahlan. You would think Richard can’t top that.

Wait until you read « Blood of the Fold ». Richard must face the madness of the Sisters of the Dark while Sister Verna, now loyal to him, is selected as new Prelate and has to face new demons. A new danger, in the person of a fanatic Captain Brogan, leader of the Blood, is also arising and threatens to destroy Richard’s new authority as Lord Rahl. With this new responsibility, he now tries to unite the midlands by forcing all the lands to unite under D’haran rule, his rule. At the same time, Kahlan, who is using Zedd’s spell to make people believe she is dead, is trying to join Richard. The two of them will have to face a lot of dangers before being reunited.

This is a very good Volume 3 in the series. Terry Goodkind continues in the same vain as with the first 2 volumes. My only regret is that Kahlan doesn’t « enter » the story physically until halfway through the book. Richard really has to hang on to his love to her in order to resist others’ charms during the story. The plot develops pleasantly where the book took off with the Sisters of the Dark. The new element of the Blood of the Fold is only here to make Richard’s life tougher. Sister Verna, now Prelate Verna, is getting an even more important role in helping Richard and being loyal to him.

Read this book. It makes for a very nice follow-up on our heroes. One questions: will Richard and Kahlan finally be able to get married? I’ll find out in Volume 4 « Temple of the Winds ».


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COMMUNION – A True Story – by Whitley STRIEBER

If you are are UFO buff, you have got to read this book! The emphasis of this true story is on Alien abductions.

From what the author says, he was abducted by Aliens several times since childhood. However, he is still extremely sceptical about his « experiences » and very much doubts their true existence. In order to verify his « memories », Whitley Strieber underwent lie detection and most importantly hypnotic regression with a reputable psychiatrist.

I did appreciate the sincerity of the narration. The author seemed genuine to me and I didn’t feel like he was trying to impress anyone with some made-up story that feels more like Science-Fiction. On the other hand, his account is full of questions regarding the veracity of his experience and its impact on his daily life.

The first chapters are about his actual experience which includes also what his wife, child and some of his friends may have experienced. In the following chapters, Whitley tries to connect his experience with philosophical and historical issues pertaining to the significance of the triangle to the aliens as recalled by many witnesses including himself. Also included are complete transcriptions of Whitley’s hypnotic regressions and an account of a meeting with other possible abductees sharing their experiences.

While reading this book, I got the impression that the author was also trying very hard to look for answers on whether his memories of being abducted by those aliens were true or not.

This is an excellent book in my opinion, although it is the first I have read of a personal account of this type. Of course, I am still skeptical and I don’t accept Mr. Strieber’s story as being necessary the truth. On the other hand, I have no reason to doubt this man either. He seems like a down-to-earth kind of person. He doesn’t strike me as someone who makes-up stories to get only public attention and money.

So I leave it up to the reader to pass his own judgment. I definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in the UFO phenomena.


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