Committing Genocide to Celebrate Another Genocide


I don’t think I’ve ever know a more ridiculous holiday than Thanksgiving in my life either in my country of origin or in the US and Canada (or any countries that I know off).

The American (and Canadian) people sit down at a table with their families to gives thanks for something which is more like a fantasy while stuffing the corpse of a turkey’s behind (and I am being polite). Millions of these poor animals are killed all year long but particularly on this holiday and for most clueless Americans, this symbolizes some form of sick psychosis un-related with the original Thanksgiving.

The most ridiculous part of this sick holiday is probably the « pardon of the turkey » by the president. And what exactly are turkeys guilty of? Wanting to live? I wander if Dennis Kucinich (who was the only vegan in Congress), had he become president, would have refused to participate in this grotesque insult or took it as an opportunity to deliver a message of compassion for the fate of these animals. We will never know because, unfortunately, he was not chosen to run against the Republicans.

But let’s not also forget that it is a total insult to the first people of the Americas: Native Americans & First Nations (as they are called in Canada) who were brutally slaughtered, pillaged, raped as soon as the first white people showed up on the continent they lived on. If the pilgrims were around today, they would be called Jihadists!

So, I want to be thankful for only one thing: the fact that more and more people are aware of the cruel irony of this holiday for both the animals and the people who were massacred.

But I wish one thing: either someone renames this holiday « Honor Native Americans Day (and the turkeys) » or that this ridiculous gluttony be finally abolished as something that should never have been celebrated in the first place.

If you still decide to « celebrate » this lie, please do it the Vegan way and join many vegans in North America who chose to eat WITH the turkeys and not the turkeys themselves and give thanks for being Vegans.


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16 réflexions au sujet de « Committing Genocide to Celebrate Another Genocide »

  1. Thanksgiving has been historically celebrated as a religious holiday to ‘Thank God’ for the fall harvest. It has nothing to do with the Native Americans. It was (not officially) given Native American roots after the majority of American families stopped farming to pursue new careers. There was no harvest to ‘thank’ for, so a story was made up to excuse the celebration.


  2. I think it especially important for vegan counter-celebrations to take place on Thanksgiving. A festival of genuine gratitude has to begin and end without the suffering and death of animals, and it is up to vegans (the emotional adults among flesh-addicted, necrovorous adult-children) to show the way.


  3. Totally agree. I spent a moment in silence yesterday for all the murdered turkeys, feeling thankful that I am no longer a part of the ongoing animal holocaust which only escalates at these festival times. Christmas is the UK’s great massacre of birds and beasts, in celebration of the coming of the Prince of Peace – what a sick joke that is. Easter it is the lambs who die by the million. The slaughter of the innocents on the altar of greed, justified by religion and culture.


  4. I have never been able to eat animals and feel good about it. As a very small child I would look at meat and know it was a dead chicken or cow. I didn’t want to eat it. My mother didn’t force me. I had a pet chicken named Henny Penny. When I volunteered for a humane society in Iron Mountain, Michigan, we had a turkey named Tina.


    1. I never had that much awareness either; i’m sorry to say it took many years of accepting that I was being silly and immature to question the status quo before I had the courage of my convictions and went vegan; I wish I had done this sooner. The sad thing for me is that the food part was not difficult, though the social censure is… I will never go back, regardless!


  5. Rescuing a Turkey in front of everyone at a ‘humane farm’ their to pick one out to slaughter, and sharing with them literature on Sanctuaries, and supporting the Truth of the Tribes suffering is how one beautiful woman showed me a great Love and Power. If your out there my Sister, I noticed and later, followed. Thanks Veronique, wonderfully beautiful insights.


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