It has come to my attention that a lot of people place a lot of emphasis on the book Eat Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo which explains that foods varies according to ones’ blood type. But someone needs to tell Dr. D’Adamo that he is totally missing the point. It’s not about the blood type, it is about the color of your eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. They make us unique. We should totally look at the eyes when choosing which foods to eat.

Blue eyes are super sensitive to light. Therefore, people with blues eyes are by definition more sensitive. Sensitive people eat plant foods. A blue-eyed weakling could never stand the power of a nice piece of juicy (aka bloody) steak. Such people are totally meant for a plant based diet of hippies aka a Vegan diet.

Brown eyed people are the tough ones. They need tough foods. Give them lard, bacon, eggs, steak. They can stand factory farmed body parts. They are not wimps. They should be able to stand it. So a brown-eyed person will tell you: « Bring it on! »

Green eyed people are the in-betweens. They have their moments of sensitive weakness in which a salad seems right for their sensitive arteries. But the next day, they pump these arteries with fat protective, cholesterol goodness. Give them bacon and they suddenly turn into the Hulk. Let them eat the salad and they are back being Bruce Banner. They are the Jekyll and Hyde of all foodies.

Gray eyed people are neutral. They have no idea what to eat, period. Give them anything, they will eat it. Their bodies are on hyper drive. Brown, Green and Gray types love to read everything from the Weston Price Foundation and they usually buy Paleo Magazine at their favorite « humanely raised animal parts » grocer: Whole Foods. They like to participate in Whole Food’s meatopia with the brown-eyed types as well. All in good fun to see who cuts carcasses the fastest.

But let not stop there, let’s look at the hair types. We know that the ice man was a Vegan because of his hair type. We also know (from Dr. John McDougall) that Roman gladiators were Vegans. What were their eye color or hair color? I want to know if they all had blues eyes. That is an important matter to figure out what makes a healthy person. We now live in a society with high rates of obesity, cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and on and on. Eye color matters because the way our bodies are built doesn’t. The human stomach is extremely long just like the cows, elephants, giraffes and other weak plant eating animals. But the stomach does not reveal anything like the eyes do. Our eyes are more intelligent than theirs. It is common knowledge. Tomorrow, i am going out with a riffle to start shooting some deer. It’s my damn right as someone with brown eyes! I will get someone to cut the carcass because I can’t tear the carcass out myself with my puny canines. Apparently, my mouth grinds food like the cows. But it’s my eye color which matters, remember? I will put lots of seasoning on the meat when it comes time to stuff it. On Sunday i can take a day off from hunting. Hunters are exhausted people because it is a lot of work to go out and shoot a defenseless animal which has been chased by dogs for hours. Some people say that humans are not hunters. The hell we are! we are the dominant species, we can make tools! Apes are not the only ones who can.

Some people say that what we eat is cruel to the animals and hurts the planet. I am sorry, but this is a hoax from people who think that everyone should have blue eyes. The media wouldn’t lie to me. The animals were meant to be eaten because the Bible says so. The Earth is meant to be used because i want to make money and that is my God given right to plunder the Earth’s resources for profit. It is about free enterprise and Corporations are people after all. Why else are we here for? Dance around camp fires singing Kumbaya? A famous brown eyed person had a saying: there is no piece of corpse, chicken menstruation product or mammary excretion that is not meant to be eaten… mm I think I am quoting my hero Chef Anthony Bourdain. Sorry. I will give him credit some other time.

13 réflexions au sujet de « EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR EYE COLOR TYPE »

  1. Love this — as a blue-eyed Vegan I got quite a chuckle out of this. Chicken menstruation products indeed! On the subject of gross animal products, watch out for « spam » in your comments (palm beach hair extension, NAC eye drops etc.) you can always suss them out by their generic comments!


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