Seven Reasons Why We Have NOT 'Evolved' to Eat Meat

How many times have you heard someone justify their behavior based on the illogical premise that history somehow makes it right and assures its ethical legitimacy into the future? In fact, throughout history influential leaders and thinkers have used this same troubled logic to defend slavery, genocide, the oppression of women, racism, and discrimination based on a whole host of irrelevant criteria including sexual orientation, religion, color and now species… read more of this excellent article here:


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  1. We have evolved to eat meat, that is why we can digest it.  We can also digest babies, that doesn’t mean we morally ought to eat them.  I bet they’re delicious though unfortunately.


  2. @agnophilo – I personally see no difference between canibalism and carnivorism. Our bodies have all the characteristics of frugivores (like our relatives the gorilla). If we did digest meat so well, it wouldn’t give us heart disease. The REAL carnivores out there, the ones with the REAL canines, digest meat very fast because their stomachs are short. It passes through and they have the digestive acids for it. In humans, it rots for days in the colon until it is pushed with fibers from the very few plants some of us eat. Our stomachs are very long, like all other herbivores. Eating meat is a denial of our basic body structure and natural diet. We are herbivores. We may have been eating meat on the side as a survival trick in the past. Now, instead, it has taken center stage and it is pushed by industries which propagate myths.  The signs of heart disease start appearing in adolescence. It is documented by people like Dr. John McDougall and others. We have been fed (no pun intended) this myth that humans are omnivores because we act as such. As you pointed out, we can also eat humans. There is a difference between survival and necessity. The human body has no need for animal flesh, excretions or products of chicken menstruations. Last time I checked no one had died of cancer because they ate brocolis. However, cancers are 80 to 90% diet related to meat, dairy and egg consumption.


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