I am a 29 year old male who is raising my one year old daughter by myself. I do not have my other children. I had to give up rights to my son, who is now 4 and I have never met, because I could not afford to pay the child support. I have tried to reach out to get the help I need from every angle possible and to every agency I know of that could help. I have not been helped by any of them. The below is what I have even sent to online help sites to obtain help. I still have not found any help from any of them.

“I really need help. I am a single father with full custody of my nine month old baby girl. I am struggling right now, financially; among other things. I will tell you about what is going on. 

I am fighting for disability due to physical and mental problems. I do receive food stamps of $367 per month, cash assistance of $316 (which will be going to $100 within the next six months) and WIC checks for Savannah. This isn’t enough to obtain housing. I cannot find any housing with the county (Lackawanna County; Scranton, Pennsylvania) or within surrounding counties. I have tried all the agencies that help with such matters. Child Support does not come from the mother as she is on SSI, according to domestics. I have no other income.

I have lived at three addresses since Savannah was born. All three have bedbugs and fleas. I am tired of it. If something happens here, I have no where else to go. I have been forced to lie and say that I am residing somewhere else just to keep my welfare benefits because the other people I lived with and live with now have a high income and it would be counted.

I don’t know what to do. (Barred from jobs due to criminal record, lack of transportation, fainting risks, lack of experience, lack of education; and no other way to pay for our needs. I get so depressed because I am failing as a father. It is my duty to provide for her and yet I can’t. I have gotten so bad that I actually want to die, 90% of the time.

I don’t know what kind of help you can provide, but any help is appreciated.”

Some things have changed since those emails. I now reside in my fourth residence since my daughter was born. I am soon to be going through court again for my 7 year old daughter who I have not had any rights to see this far. I have been denied again for disability and now have given up. I have no education, no way to obtain education, no car, no way to get one, can’t drive anyway, no skills for labor, limitations on my labor abilities, no bank accounts, no inheritances, no trust funds, nothing to speak of except that I am on welfare. I am tired of getting screwed by the government. I am the 99% and I do OCCUPY!

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