Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch

Let me talk for a minute about chocolate…. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, ok I am an addict. Can you blame me? Vegans love chocolate too, and they try to get the best chocolate possible. More often, we love our raw cacao, we love our Endangered Species dark chocolate, we love a raw chocolate bars. We love them all. As I was walking the isles of Whole Foods, I found The Dark Chocolate Quinoa Midnight Crunch and it is by far one of the best bars I have ever found.

It is crunchy, melts in the mouth just like I love it, an absolute delight. I just ate it in one evening. That was irresistible. So, although not the kind of thing you want to eat each day, once in while, treat yourself to this wonder. 

And just to make it even better, it Carbon conscious, Fair Trade and Organic. The Quinoa is a welcome, healthy, addition to the usual chocolate bar. I for one don’t miss the genetically modified Hershey bar that sells everywhere. If you can’t find it locally, check it out here: Alter Eco Dark Choco Quinoa. Order a bunch and enjoy. 

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