MASS DREAMS OF THE FUTURE – Do We Face an Apocalypse or a Global Spiritual Awakening? The Choi

Where do I start with a book like this? Most people are familiar with past life regressions whereas subjects are, supposedly, brought back to their past-lives to remember them and bring back the knowledge of their past with them to the present. Although I’m sure a lot of people are skeptic of this science, how would they feel about going to the future? This is what this book proposes with actual future progressions done by scientist Helen Wambach and analyzed and told by Chet B. Snow, himself a “Ph.D.”.

This book was written in the 80’s. It contains tons of connotations of the prediction literature of its day and the general anticipation people had about the end of the first millennium and what would happen next? Where are we going? Will we be a peaceful and spiritual culture? Is the world going to destroy itself? All the questions that were asked in the late twentieth century and are still asked today with the threat of Global Climate Change (I hate the term Global Warming as it is more complex than that!).

Reading this book is a wonderful analysis of the possibilities of what’s going to happen to the human race in the next centuries. But of course it is seen in some ways from an 80’s point of view. I do believe though that, because the future is never set, this book might still apply today and I consider the predictions in it to be just delayed or altered. After all, I don’t argue with Nostradamus even though some of his predictions seem to have passed already or have not happened yet. From this precept, I accept this book as being as scientifically possible. I also consider hypnotism to be a legitimate science. Therefore, let me proceed with the book’s contents.

There are three different periods of the future which have been explored in Helen Wambach’s future life progression (opposite of past-life regressions obviously): the twenty first century, the twenty third and way beyond. Each analysis are based on what Helen had gathered from her subjects and presents a clear, sometimes, very detailed account of possible future for the human race. Some of these futures seem to collide with others as there might be variations on the accuracy of the accounts. But in the end, it gives a very interesting picture and very often all accounts have lots of commonalities.

I will not go into details about these possible futures as I strongly recommend that everyone read this book but there are commonalities in terms of what happens to the geology of the planet in the near future, the lives of some people either in what she calls “future tech” societies or in some case “back to nature” type communities. As I said, this book was written in the late 1980s and the progressions were done in the early to mid eighties. So some of the progressions might be influenced by the thinking of that period but it is impressive to see that what these subjects describe seem still absolutely in line with what a modern subject might say.

Also, there is a great deal said about climate change! That was not even much talked about yet in the 1980s. Who knew about Global Warming yet except maybe for Al Gore (just kidding, of course he was not the only one).

One of my fascinations with this book is to read the subject’s stories more than the analysis done around their accounts. I would have wished to see more transcripted progressions in this book and just make up my own opinion to what they mean. But Chet Snow does a great job at analyzing the trends of the future and even gives graphics on populations and type of societies which I felt was a good idea and helped define these possible futures in a clearer way. To help demonstrate his point, Chet Snow also refers to Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Native American (particularly Hopi) stories and so on to show that the future has been seen by many and often resembles what the subjects of Helen Wambach say.

How will people live in the future? What will be their beliefs? How will they feed themselves? Will they live in technologically evolved societies or will they go back to a more close to earth communities? How is the Earth changing? Are there any human made cataclysm? Or is this a natural change? All the questions that we generally have about our own future might well be inside this excellent book and all in easy to understand details.

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