FARM SANCTUARY – Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food – By Gene BAUR

« We have even had visitors from the farming world who have come to the sanctuary, spent some time working with animals, and left aspiring vegans. » Gene Baur
Farm Sanctuary is an amazing place and Gene Baur, an unusual farmer. He doesn’t raise cattle, he protects them, he doesn’t confines pigs and chicken, he let them live their lives. The concept behind Farm Sanctuary is rare: consider farm animals as individuals with rights and liberty instead of just production units (which is an industry term). Although Animal Sanctuaries are more common nowadays (thankfully), Farm Sanctuary is the one that seems to have started it all. Gene Baur doesn’t just promote respect and empathy towards « food » animals but also provide for educational visits to people from all over. Along the way, some people have left the sanctuary as newly converted vegans which I find quite an achievement.

This is a beautiful book which will make you submerge yourself in the world of several animals and their stories are so amazing that you will fall in love with them. I cannot for once imagine why somebody, who just read this book and got to know these animals, would want to eat them again. It is beyond me. Why do people consider eating animal flesh so important? When I read about these beautiful animals and about their intelligence and socialibility, I wonder why would God create creatures that can suffer and be adorable just to be eaten. Am I the only one who thinks it’s illogical here?

Gene Baur is the kind of person I would want to work for if I could. Helping animals on a daily basis like he does and demonstrates in his book is at times frustrating (because of human laws) and rewarding (the joy of saving even just one life).

I recommend this book highly for anyone interested in looking beyond their plates into the eyes of their « food ».



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