THE PILLARS OF CREATION – Sword of Truth book 7 – by Terry Goodkind


Amazingly enough, this book is entertaining without Richard or Kahlan being in it until the very end. I started reading the book thinking it might be boring since my heroes didn’t seem to be around. Then appears Jensen and her story of survival is all the more compelling as she takes us inside Jagang’s Imperial Order. I was fooled from the start as to the true resolution of the story. The character of Sebastian walking along with her in the story is great and just confuses us even more.

However, I was particularly repulsed by Oba, another new character we follow parallel to Jensen and Sebastian. All I wanted was for him to die. I really hated this crude, cruel and stupid character (even if his education is mostly to blame). However, he served a purpose in being a contrast to Jensen.

Overall, Terry Goodkind, as usual, has created a complex and clever storyline that makes you turn pages very quickly. Not my favorite « Sword of Truth » novel but still a great read.


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