FAST FOOD NATION by Eric Schlosser

This is the most informative and scary book I’ve read in years. Millions of people around the world eat at McDonald’s everyday but also at Burger King and so on. For years, I’ve enjoyed getting my daily dose of Big Macs like millions of others. But this book turned me into a vegetarian for good. I’ve never felt disgusted at the idea of eating meat before. That also includes chicken and other meats, not just beef. I don’t event want to buy ground beef after reading this book.

The meat packers have taken over the food industry for the last 50 years with the help of the fast food industry and this is appalling. When you eat burgers, you eat mostly remains and fecal excrements. Did you know that? Animals are being fed with other animals thereby turning them into cannibals. The working conditions in the slaughterhouses around the country are monstrous and inhumane towards the workers as well as the animals. This has created a rate of worldwide obesity (seen even in Japan) the world has never seen. The government (including Bush Jr. and Clinton) have favored the meat-packing industry and allowed health transgressions and work conditions the average american expects from third world countries and not this one.

Something is very wrong here. After reading this book, I was cured from eating any kind of meat whatsoever. If this book doesn’t turn you into a vegetarian, nothing will. It should be required reading in schools. Mr. Schlosser, I commend you for opening my eyes and, I hope, the eyes of a lot of people.


© Copyright December 2005 – All Rights Reserved. Printing by permission only.

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