THE LAST HAWK Book 3 in the Saga of the Skolian Empire by Catherine Asaro

This 3rd volume in Catherine Asaro’s superb saga is not disappointing at all. We follow Kelric (Imperator Kurj Skolia’s half brother) when he crashes on Coba, a closed world to outsiders, and under female rule. Kelric quickly realises he is a prisoner and is treated as second class citizen until he discovers Quis, the supreme Coba game. Soon he becomes a master of the game and, unvolontarily sets up a chain reaction which transforms Coba’s society in subtle ways.

I loved this books as much as I loved all of Catherine Asaro’s skolian saga novels. But this is probably one the richest (in details and characters) of the series. As Kelric, accepting his fate, is passed through from one ruler-manager to the next as consort and Quis master, his life becomes the center stage of political and social intrigues. And he becomes the most sought-after male on the planet!

This has proved to be a very good saga thus far and I’m sure Catherine Asaro will not stop bringing more to the saga. Highly recommended!


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