STARMAN – The Wayfarer Redemption – The Axis Trilogy Book 3 – by Sara Douglass

Axis, Azhure and Faraday continue their incredible journey in discovering their powers, their pasts and fighting Axis’ evil half-brother, Gorgrael. This amazing sequel in the Wayfarer Redemption won’t let you down… litterally. I haven’t stopped reading it in days. The more I learn about the characters, the more I want to continue to follow them. Axis is still feeling the guilt of betraying Faraday for Azhure as they are now raising a bigger family. Little Caelum is getting to be an incredible little boy. Axis’ mother finally ties the knot with her old lover Magaritz and Azhure is turning into a war goddess. Sara Douglass gives more and more growth to these characters and we finally get to learn what their fate is going to be, particularly for Faraday and Azhure as the story progress. Axis finally confront his monstrous half-brother Gorgrael and WolfStar is revealing himself more in this story.

I got a sense of closure by reading this chapter in the saga. I know Axis and Azhure’s son, Caelum, is going to be the important character of the next chapter and it seems the author wants a resolution to all the continuing plots she started with the first book.

This is an absolutely must reading sequel to the Wayfarer Redemption and Sara Douglass hasn’t lost her talent in any way.

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