SOUL OF THE FIRE – Sword of Truth book 5 – by Terry Goodkind

I can’t believe how disappointed I was with this new installment of my favorite series. Terry Goodkind is a hell of a storyteller but he seemed uninspired in this particular story.

Richard has to convince a culture, the Anderith (composed of two people, the Anders and the Hakens) of joining the D’Harans against Jagang’s Order and also has to find a way of restoring magic stollen when Kahlan inadvertably released the chimes into the world.

The premise is pretty good but the story gets… boring as the author wanders and wanders explaining the Anderith culture for chapters that I found extremely annoying and not particularly helping the story. The Anders are vain, manipulative and seem right out of a regency romance novel! Why did he spend sooooo much time telling us about them is something I haven’t figured out. Too much time is given to explain each new character and their stories as if he couldn’t anything better to talk about. After a few chapters, we already get the idea that these people’s fate is sealed. It would have served the story much better if it had been cut more between scenes with our favorite heroes trying to find solutions… and some more action.

Fortunately, the story is still entertaining enough to carry us to the end. But I never thought I would find boredom reading a Sword of Truth novel! That’s a first. I just hope Terry Goodkind is much more inspired in his following installment and doesn’t loose himself in endless descriptions of boring characters which don’t really help the story.

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