This is the book hype of the year! Everyone has heard of it, most have read it. But does it live up to its success?

I succumbed to this hype with the curiosity of a book worm ready for something exciting and also my interest in its subject of conspiracy, Bible theories and Secret Societies.

I was disappointed. Granted, the story is interesting enough to get you to the end of the book. The puzzles that lead you to finding the location of the Holy Grail are well crafted. However, I got irritated early on by all the stereotyped characters and the way the author writes. Once I got past the cliches about the French and English cultures and its people, I was sufficiently interested in the story to go on.

I was not particularly thrilled with the author’s interpretation of the life of Jesus. Not because I’m a religious nut or anything like that but it just was too farfetched and not believable. But, hey it’s fiction… isn’t it? The writing was too simplistic and sometimes irritating.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about but if you like a good fiction (really?), you might actually enjoy this book. Millions did, didn’t they?


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