VICE by Jane Feather

I did read a number of romance novels in my life. I forgot most of them, others really stayed permanently in my mind because I loved the stories.

Jane Feather’s VICE is a historical romance I won’t remember for the story but for being the hottest one I’ve read in ages. There’s plenty of passion in that story and the sex between the Duke of Redmayne and his protegee/mistress is quite graphic. I’ve been wondering how the book could make it on a library shelf considering its mature content.

The plot is intriguing enough. I was a bit irritated at the obvious 18th century superior (and sometimes quite annoying) attitude from the Duke toward the sparkly (and quite modern in fact) Julianna. She has to fight in a world where women don’t even have rights over their own bodies and she is quite good at it.

Another interesting twist of the story is Julianna’s campaign of rebellion to defend the conditions of life of the London prostitutes. And she is suffering quite a bit for it. Redmayne and his brother Quentin (a good soul) have to catch up with her all the time.

She manages to turn Tarquin (Redmayne) on her side and make him love her. And he’s the one who bought her originally!


© Copyright April 2005 – All Rights Reserved.

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