TEMPLE OF THE WINDS – Sword of Truth Book 4 – by Terry Goodkind

This book is the 4th one in this series. Please refer to my previous reviews if you’ve never read any Sword of Truth novels before. Check out Blood of the Fold and Stone of Tears, or start at the very beginning with Wizard’s First Rule. Enjoy.

This story was like a rollercoaster to me. I love the way Terry Goodkind twiches his characters and drives us nuts with wanting to get to the end of his stories. This one is no exception. I found it « gentler » though than the previous ones. Less violence I guess (which had me grinding my teeth each time). The story was more centered around a « family » theme about Kahlan and Richard trying… straining to get married and never been able to. Everything is going well until Richard’s half brother Drefan and an old « girlfriend » of his show up at the Palace of the Prophets. At this happy reunion unfolds, Richard and Kahlan have the face the worst nightmare of their lives, a terrible plague killing hundreds of people through the Midlands, D’hara and beyond. On top of that, they have to face Jagang, a ghost enemy who adores torture, rape and a number of other horrific little « pleasures » and a series of murders among prostitutes.

Everything plays against the Richard’s and Kahlan’s union as even the sorceress Shota seem to plan against them.

The story is simply great! I haven’t put the book down in days and couldn’t wait to finish it. As always, Terry Goodkind is a master fantasy storyteller and never ceases to amaze me with his new twists and thrills. He certainly doesn’t seem to run off ideas in this saga.

This is highly recommended reading for not meant for younger readers. The violence and sex, like in the previous books, is quite graphic and sometimes gruesome.

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