THE HOBBIT or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien

We all heard the fuss made by the three movies in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and I will bet a lot of people have never read the books, although a majority of hard-core fantasy lovers will no doubt have.

I love fantasy… but, shame on me, I had never took the time to undertake the Tolkien canon. However, thank you Peter Jackson, you gave me the kick I needed to buy into the Tolkien franchise. And what better way to start reading it than with The Hobbit, prequel of a sort to The Fellowship of the Ring.

Bilbo is the hero of the story. He gets embarked by a group of dwarves seemingly led by Gandalf! into the adventure of his lifetime. Even though he was reluctant to follow their goal, part of him started to like the adventure. In the end, he saves the day just as Gandalf knew he would (good old wise Gandalf as usual!).

I don’t want to spoil the story for those who, incredibly, might not know about it. However, I have greatly embraced this prequel to the big LoTR thing and I particularly enjoyed Tolkien’s talent of storytelling from a first person point of view. What a good way to make us loose ourselves into the story. The Hobbit is not just an adventure for Bilbo, it is also clear in there that the future events of LoTR are approaching. What is most interesting to me, having loved the movies, is how I can already picture the Bilbo of the future story as he is described in this one adventure. The Hobbits are detailed superbly as well as dwarves, Gandalf and… Elrond even makes his first appearance. I also love Tolkien’s sense of humor in some situations. This book is a true classic of the genre.

I am sorry if the purists out there get too many references to the movie canon but, hey, if it had not been for it, I might have passed Tolkien’s talent.

I eagerly want to start the Fellowship of the Ring as I can’t wait for descriptions of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn and Legolas.


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