What would you do if you found out your partner was a psychopath and a serial killer? This is the drama Nicole Lancaster thinks she is facing with her husband of 10 months Malcomb. She is the daughter of a well-respected deceased senator who got charmed into marriage by the handsome, clean Dr. Lancaster. However, when murders of women are being reported and she gets an anonymous phone call, doubts and fear begin to creep into her mind that her so perfect husband might not be what he claims to be. She then turns to her old (and never forgotten of course) love in the person of cop Dallas Mitchell.

The story was thrilling and suspenseful. I had, however, to cringe at the number of macabre details about the murders. This romance novel was definitely darker than the usual.

Don’t read it alone at home if you’re a bit sensitive. Otherwise, even though the murder solution was obvious, what happens to Nicole is really where the suspense is.

Good story!


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