CHALLENGE OF DRUID’S GROVE – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by James M. Ward

This is a departure for me. Yesterday, I reviewed another chickie romance novel just to irritate some people. Today, I thought I would tell you about my latest gaming experience.

Challenge of Druid’s Grove is an out of print classic Dungeons & Dragons game book which you have to play with another person. One takes on the part of the Wizard and the other the part of the Druid. You have both to reach the bad guy and get a reward. But who will reach him first? This typical Dungeons & Dragons gives you your thrill of adventure and combat. You are being given spells, weapons and armour and you make allies as you go.

I found this book entertaining. However, the rules are complicated and if you are a newbie, you’d better start a less challenging Dungeons & Dragons or go through this adventure with an advanced player. Personally, I didn’t strickly follow the rules and just used a pair of (home-made) dice to play as I didn’t have a gaming partner.

You might have a hard time finding this game book as it is out of print. However, here are two places where you can get it:



Have fun!

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