STONE OF TEARS – Sword of Truth book 2 – by Terry Goodkind

If you haven’t read « Wizard’s First Rule », you’d better skip this review altogether and go straight to my review of the book 1 below.

Here’s another big chapter in the adventures of Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell. My God! after all they’ve been through in the first book, you would think they might get some rest. Not in the least. Not only did Richard survive torture from Denna, the Mord Sith, now he has to survive his magic gift by putting a collar around his neck again. And we know how he feels about it. This is slavery to him and submission.

The one that really suffers the most though in this sequel is Kahlan. Her responsibilities as Mother Confessor really force her to take extreme measures. Wait until you read the part when she leads an entire army of young naked being naked herself. That’s probably the most memorable moment of the story, if not the weirdest. At the same time, both Richard and her are seperated from each other without having achieved their wedding plans.

This is a brilliant, gripping and exceptional sequel that Terry Goodkind delivers us. The author doesn’t lose his talent for strong, memorable characters, neither does he lose his sense of detail either. This sequel is as strong as its predecessor and even more. I can’t wait to read volume 3 « Blood of the Fold » which is full of promises.

In the meatinme, read « Stone of Tears » (and « Wizard’s First Rule » if you haven’t started the series yet!). As for the first book, I issue a strong word of warning though. This is not a children’s fantasy. The violence is graphic and the author doesn’t try to spare the reader. So, if you have a sensitive heart, forget about the « Sword of Truth » series completely. On the other hand, if you can bare with it, the story is incredible and the characters fascinating. I will personally go buy the 3rd book of the series « Blood of the Fold« .

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