Wayne Dyer, best-selling author of Real Magic and Pulling Your Own Strings, takes us on a journey of self-discovery through the « erroneous zones » which are in the majority of us and which we choose to ignore.

I have found this book extremely intelligent and very simple to understand. This is not a Psychology book full of terms only understood by psychiatrists. Wayne Dyer reenforces what he taught in his other books and conferences by showing us our « bad social habits ». We live in a guild/fear oriented society. People have lost their emotional freedom and are slave to conventions, fashion, social models, manipulation, etc… Wayne Dyer is good at dissecting all the behaviours we encounter in our society and at showing us how to get rid of them. Whether you feel manipulated by others, be it your family, boss, children, friends, culture, race, religion, the solution is in yourself and you have the means of achieving emotional freedom. You can also be the manipulator, the one who always expects others to conform to his opinions or have to agree with him. Those are erroneous zones as well and never lead to happiness.

There are many emotional habits that keep you enslaved: guilt, fear, envy, procrastination, conformism, revolt, anger, domination, being dominated yourself, jealousy, hate, dependence, fashion, complaining. What the author demonstrates to us with great efficiency in this book is how to be a doer and stop being immobilized by the above erroneous habits. Ultimately, the happy people are the ones who are not plagued by any of these supposedly « acceptable » social traits. We are constantly manipulating (although we don’t want to admit it) and being manipulated by others often by just accepting to be hurt by them. Wayne Dyer tells us that it has nothing to do with our own self-worth. Hence, if someone disapproves of you, it doesn’t mean you are less than this person. We have to learn to « choose » how we feel, train ourselves not to get hurt or revengeful for anything since, as the author explains, it’s not going to change anything.

Everybody should read this book unless you don’t belong anywhere in the categories described above, which I greatly doubt. If you are such person, why are you reading this anyway?

If you have never read any of Wayne Dyer’s books, I recommend that you start with this one and not « Pulling Your Own Strings », for example, which is a prolongation of the authors’ thoughts on those subjects.


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