TIME AND AGAIN by Nora Roberts

Here’s for my review of the latest hot romance novel. Everybody knows Nora Roberts for her passion of romantic stories. She has been on the Best-Seller list for many years, delighting millions of readers.

TIME AND AGAIN contains two stories: « Time Was » and « Time Change » that Nora wrote years ago and decided to share with her readers. To my excellent surprise, Nora is also a science-fiction fan and has blended romance and time-travel in a appealing way therefore daring the challenge of near-impossible relationships. Boy! Why do I love that? Two stories about brothers coming back to our time and falling for two very independent sisters.

In « Time Was », Caleb Hornblower is thrown back in time with his cargo-ship from the 23rd century. His ship has crashed in a remote area but is repairable. While Caleb tries to figure out what happened, where he is and WHEN he is, he stumbles on a cabin inhabited by a strange independent woman named Libby Stone. Caleb hasn’t realised in wich time period he is and believes everything around him is either a trick or an illusion. What he is going to find is how hard it will be to bo gack to his time.

In « Times Change », Jacob Hornblower volontarily decides to go back in time to find his brother Caleb who, he thinks, has been manipulated by a woman into sacrificing his life and future with his family. Set upon changing his brother’s mind, he travels back in time to the cabin expecting to find his brother only to meet Libby’s stubborn sister Sunny. He is going to find how hard it is indeed to resist a 20th century woman.

While the two stories follow each other, they are appealing enough to get us interested and hooked on those two brothers/sisters relationships. Nora Roberts adds a little touch of humor by depicting our two futurist loverboys as clueless (or nearly) when it comes to 20th century customs and women. The worst of the two being sweet Caleb who never planned on visiting that century in the first place. Jacob on the other hand, is prepared and absorbs everything around him with a cynical curiosity.

I got to really appreciate both stories with their compelling characters. I am particularly fond of Caleb because of his innocence and ignorance of what’s going on around him. He is a perfect match for Libby. They are both fascinated by the same things: history, poetry and books. Jacob and Sunny are very different. The passion comes much faster, they argue a lot… make up a lot and they have this spicy relationship not without humor and fun. Caleb and Libby have a certain maturity while Jacob and Sunny are having fun at getting on each other’s nerves. However, they can still make serious commitments.

There are two types of fictions I love in particular: one is a good romance and science-fiction. Imagine getting both at the same time although it is mostly a romance and start imagining yourself with someone who is not even born yet. One interesting side to both stories is the 60’s feel derived from the sister’s parents. They might have been successful in their carriers but they are still attached to their values and passed them on to Libby and Sunny. It’s interesting to see how can two guys from the future, used to travel in space, can cope with women of our time with their own set of values and strong opinions.

TIME AND AGAIN makes for a pleasant and relaxing reading. Of course, it’s not the most extraordinary book I have ever read but, hey, I am all for Love, Love, Love and a little bit of passion!

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