Here’s another romance novel that I highly recommend.

Little Hallie has an accident in school and is rushed to the hospital. When Hallie’s divorced parents, Logan Wakefield and Dana Marlowe, show up, it’s to discover that their daughter is suffering from amnesia after a bump on the head in strange circumstances. In order for the child to recover, they have to pretend being together since the child doesn’t seem to remember they are divorced. It means get past their differences for the sake of Hallie.

Logan is an investigator who travels the world. He was brought up in a rich family with everything given to him but his independence and his seemingly detached character are just a facade for his more serious and caring mind. He could never forget his love for Dana nor could he forget his irritation about certain aspects of her personality. Dana is a brilliant, self-made, lawyer who struggled very hard to get where she is, fighting Logan’s and her own parent’s disinterests for her and learning things the hard way. Even though she tried very hard, she never stopped loving Logan and hoping he would return the emotion. They are both from different world with two very different personalities but one thing they share absolutely is their love for their daughter. Can they get past their personal problems and present a loving front to the child?

This book kept me up all night! I’m not exagerating. Linda STYLE is good at blending tenderness, child-related issues, compelling characters and locations and she even throws in a little bit of suspense when Logan and Dana have to protect their daughter from an unknown menace. I personally like how she talks about Logan and makes him so caring and loving as well as being so professional when there is danger. He has a touch of James Bond without the macho exterior. Dana is the typical modern woman who worked very hard to get where she is but she somehow lost touch with the little girl in herself. Logan is the only one capable of giving her the kind of love she needs. And Hallie is such an angel! Linda Style is good a depicting the little girl’s thoughts by getting into her mind. I really felt for that little girl and it was interesting to see how she perceived what was going on around her with the help of her terrific best friend Chloe.

Another thing I feel grateful to the author for: she didn’t fall into the typical stereotypes associated with amnesia stories. She has researched the subject and it shows! The little girl is believable and the subject treated as it should: with concision and credibility. It makes also Logan and Dana’s relationship more interesting.

Don’t miss the author’s interview at the end of the book. It’s quite interesting.  

Read this book! You won’t regret it! buying info: Daddy in the House (Harlequin Superromance, No 977)

or get it at HALF.COM


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