George Bockl is a successful business man with a long past of business achievements in the Urban Industry. You wouldn’t expect a business man to write a book about Spirituality. And yet, besides his business books. George Bockl has written successful books on Universal Spirituality as well.

In this 5th book about Universal Spirituality, George takes us on his personal history through discovery and rediscovery of the spiritual path. From a Orthodox Jewish background, he chose to give up his former believes in order to embrace a broader, larger spiritual and more enlightened path. It took him years to get to his understanding of what Universal Spirituality is, trials and errors along the way. I loved his descriptions of his years of searching. I can honestly say that George is a true searcher.

Not only does he talk about his own path, but George Bockl also offers practical and time sensitive ideas/solutions for our time that he was inspired with during long years of meditation. Some might appear naive (to quote him) but I do think they make a lot of sense.

Without being condescendent or moralist, George Bockl invites the reader to open his mind to new ideas. He doesn’t try to convert anyone and even tells interesting stories along the way about personal friends who went on very different paths.

I found this book an easy enjoyable read. I recommend it tremendously.

Buy it at HALF.COM or check out Where Did We Come From… at AMAZON.COM.

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