COUNT ON ME by Kathryn Shay

Ok, I know, this is a Romance Novel and you guys reading this might think… women! Well, see it this way: it’s a good insight into women’s mind to find out what they want.

I liked this particular book. Ok the story is big on the « deja vu » but the behind the scenes feel is quite enjoyable. Zoe Caufield is a teacher at Bayview High School and helps ‘at risks’ kids with big problems. One of them is involved in drugs. One year ago, she was happy with Dr. Kurt Lansing, a handsome divorced father of one until his ex-wife felt like getting him back… which she succeeded at for a while.

Kurt broke Zoe’s heart and I certainly don’t blame her for not wanting him back in her life. You can’t trust this man after all.  But the opening of Kurt’s clinic for teenagers near the school forces them to work together again. Ok nothing new here in this particular plot.

However, the author has an excellent insight into the teenagers minds, their personal problems, their search for identities and she doesn’t hesitate to mock the adults when the youngsters act more intelligently. She also takes a hard look at drugs, teenage pregnancy and backward people. I thought it was a nice try at something serious as well as romantic.

And if you « like to play Doctor », you’ll love the ending. hehe



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